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Will the band play what I want to hear?

Hello Dean here with another Q&A Blog.

Today’s question is: Will the band play what I want to hear?

Most bands out there will say a big fat YES to this question. But before I give you my expert answer I want you to know that I understand that you ultimately want a band:

1. That’s going to sound amazing 2. A band which will impress your guests and keep them dancing

And the above is what I deliver at every performance. So before you hand over a long list of songs to your chosen band, I want you to be fully equipped with the crucial points that will ensure your event is the most memorable night for you and your guests.

Don’t forget:

  • Your crowd is going to be made up of lots of different musical tastes so a top band will find a way to cater to all by reading the crowd and how they react to what is being played.

  • Most bands will also put together a set list of songs that they’ll play on the day as agreed months in advanced. One crucial snag with this approach is that the band won’t be prepared if the crowd don’t respond positively to the chosen songs.\

  • So that’s why you need a band that can read the crowd and instantly change direction to get the party right back on track.

  • A band that knows how to pull out a magic musical trump card that can shake up even the most mundane crowd.

So, how do you find a band that can do this? Well, to follow this approach it takes a lot of musical experience and quite frankly a huge amount of confidence from the band leader. But also a band leader that has the complete trust from every member of the band.

We highly recommend that you form a good relationship with the band leader. Find out their musical background and experiences. Also share your musical tastes with them. Let them know about your mix of guests and age groups.

Watch me in my video below as I explain more about this.

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