Band Sizes 

Luxury Band Sizes 

Please see all our popular band set up sizes below - Click each one to see what the band stage layout will also look like. 

Starting from: The Reel Deal Luxury Diamond Package which features:

  • a 16, 14, or 12 piece band

  • Booked by many of our clients looking for that ‘wow factor’ to their luxury event

  • Longer play time with various tailored musical elements for a dinner reception

  • Can include quartets, duos and quintet sizes to cover a variety of music genre, for certain aspects of your day

  • Inclusive of a fantastic ‘welcome’ set by the full band as well as the main high impact dancing set


You also get:

  • A FREE detailed music consultation for your wedding, birthday, company party or private event

  • Sets tailored to your unique musical tastes


Book your free consultation with Dean, our Musical Director by completing the form fields below. 

This can be done over the phone, Skype or in person.

12 Piece 
Visual Appeal, Flexible, Range of Vocals
10 Piece
Popular Party Set, featuring Percussion, Brass and a range of Vocals  
8 Piece 
Popular Party Set  featuring live Brass
6 Piece 
Smaller yet mighty, still inclusive of male and female vocals 
A Slice of Soul Quartet 

Reel Deal Musical Director & Bass player Dean Mark runs you through all of our fabulous band sizes on offer. 

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