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Business Marketing Services

For Business Marketing Consultancy Services

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My Expertise

As well as managing Reel Deal Band I'm also a results-driven Marketing Consultant. I have over 15+ years of experience leading impactful customer acquisition strategies for global companies like Mars Wrigley, Prudential, Avon Cosmetics, Fujitsu, MoD and National Grid.

Equipped with strong stakeholder management skills honed across diverse industries, I develop and implement innovative digital approaches that yield measurable results. 

I have excellent communication and relationship-building skills, enabling me to lead cross-functional teams, drive digital transformations and accelerate sales growth. 



  • Strategic Consulting:

    • Commercial & strategic thinking

    • Data-driven decision making for commercial & brand success

    • Collaboration and Leadership: influencing stakeholders, collaboration with cross-functional teams. 

    • Agile methodology for adaptable digital strategies

  • Project Execution:

    • Project & change management (including deadlines & prioritisation)

    • Live & online events: Full event Project Management. Managing speaker relations, technical aspects (testing, implementation), and comprehensive event promotion & registration.

    • Event Communications Deliver seamless attendee,speakers & exhibitors experiences

    • Communication: clear writing, speaking, client focus

    • Content strategy & creation (strong copywriter SEO focus storytelling, UX writing)

    • Social media & digital commerce expertise

  • Data & Insights:

    • Analytics & data interpretation with a focus on KPIs

    • Brand innovation through data-driven storytelling

    • Data-informed design for audience engagement - A/B testing (e.g., social media, ecommerce, website dashboards)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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