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Questions to ask your Wedding Party Band

Wedding party bands play a very important part in your marriage reception. They emanate joy and happiness while making sure that your guests are thoroughly entertained. The goal of wedding party bands is to bring life to a party, set up the mood, and get everyone on the dance floor, ensuring they have a mesmerizing experience and a night to remember.

The most imperative duty of wedding party bands is to ensure they give the wedding couple and their guests an incredible performance to the end their day with a bang!

A couple wants the band to awe-struck their guests and create a fabulous energy that gets their family and friends on to the dance floor.

There are many things to consider when choosing wedding party bands, however, the following list contains some important questions that must be asked from wedding party bands to ensure that you get what you want for your special day.

Will they learn songs for you?

We form attachments to certain songs and associate them with a particular time or person. Some songs evoke our emotions, making us feel happy and content. You may want to add a particular song in your playlist.

Therefore, always ask the wedding party bands whether they will learn a song for you. They might not be willing to learn a random song just to include in the middle of the playlist. However, they may show flexibility for special dances, for instance, your wedding dance and cake cutting song.

Getting this information sorted out beforehand is very important.

Does the price include ceremony music?

Every band has different criteria for charging their clients. Some provide the complete package and some charge on an ad-hoc basis for ceremony music. They may charge you an hourly fee for the ceremony and cocktail hour. Therefore, make sure to sort out these matters during your initial meeting.

They must properly disclose their base price and any additional charges, if applicable. This will eliminate the chances of last-minute crisis, in which you eventually have to pay the extra money.

What band size is the best?

You must not pick up a band based on the size of the stage of your wedding venue. A good band will always provide you the proper guidance about the optimum band size according to your venue space.

You must look for the WOW factor in your band, which will always add glamour to your luxurious event.

Some luxury wedding party bands will also provide a comprehensive music consultation and may tailor their performances that suit your unique musical taste, which can take your event to the whole new level.

How much are the overtime fees?

The marriage ceremony can be a very hectic day for some people and some things potentially can go wrong, which can often lead to delays and interruptions. Moreover, it is not uncommon to yield to the peer pressure of “ONE MORE!” song request, which – in most cases – is not just one!

If you want to keep the party going on, then you must agree on the overtime costs when singing the agreement with the wedding band. Typically, they have an overtime fee that is charged per hour, however, it varies from one band to another.

The above questions for Wedding Party Bands

are just some of the basic questions that you must ask before signing a contract. It is a good practice to write all your queries and resolve it before making it official so both you and your band are on the same page from the inception of the arrangement.

If you are looking for wedding party bands in London or across the UK to provide your luxury wedding music, try Reel Deal Band!

They are the UK’s number 1 luxury party band featuring musicians to the stars. They have personally recorded or toured with leading superstar artists such as Lionel Richie, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Adele, Craig David, Sam Smith and many other prominent artists.

Their clients book them for their unique 'concert style' high energy on stage which they bring to private events - in destinations such as London, Capri, Monaco, Tuscany, and Hong Kong.

The provide various band set ups made up of a variety of singers and brass section. They also provide a high level of professionalism. And their many years of expertise always come through as they know how to wow a crowd and play exactly what the crowd will respond to.

Reel Deal Band Manager Nafisa Mark, personally works with your venue manager/wedding planner to ensure the musical aspect of the evening is managed seamlessly so you can concentrate on your wedding day. You can rest assured that Reel Deal Band are the Reel Deal and they'll get all your guests on the dance floor.

Get more details on the hottest Wedding Party Band and check your event date availability as well as book your free event music consultation.

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