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When should I book my party band

Hello, there. Just headed off to the airport shortly to do a show in Bucharest with Lemar. But before I go, I wanted to answer another one of your crucial live music planning questions.

Today’s Question is: When should I book my band?

So you are planning your big event, and you have a ton of suppliers to source & book, as well as coordinate. You are not even sure of what should be booked first. The planning process for any event can be overwhelming as all elements such as entertainment, flowers, cars, venue are all so important.

Good Bands are Busy Most of our clients at Reel Deal book us even before they have secured their wedding venue. This is because they really do understand just exactly how important it is and that a good band NOT only gets BUSY months and months in advance. But a good band can absolutely heighten the evening and make it a raging success with their guests.

However on the other scale, there are still many folks that will make sure to book all their other suppliers first and only then will think about entertainment. And at this point they will only want to find a band based purely on price, a band that will fit within the scraps of their budget!

Don’t run the risk If this is the way you proceed, then you are running the risk of booking a cheap band that can and will ruin all your efforts of everything you have achieved. Everything you have worked so hard to plan for the day, by just putting on a lame show at the most crucial point of your party.

This is a really bad predicament to put yourself in. To safeguard yourself against this, is to ensure you book your band no later than the 3rd item on your supplier sourcing list. If you do this, then I guarantee your success.

Check your event date in our diary here:

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