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A Diamond Band Set for a Diamond Party

Our Popular Set up Sizes Consist of the mighty Reel Deal Luxury Diamond Package.

Booked by many of our clients looking for that ‘wow factor’ to their luxury event

Luxury Diamond Package Features:

  • A 16, 14, or 12 piece band

  • Featuring the UK’s top Musicians and Vocalists

  • Longer play time with various tailored musical elements for a dinner reception

  • Can include quartets, duos and quintet sizes to cover a variety of music genre, for certain aspects of your day Inclusive of a fantastic ‘welcome’ set by the full band as well as the main high impact dancing set

  • Top Industry PA Sound System with a senior Sound Engineer

  • Band stage lighting

  • And much more…

Check out Dean below chatting to you about why he loves the awesome Diamond Piece so much. It’s not only guarantees to impress your guests BUT keep them dancing all night long.

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